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MODX is one such CMS that we love to work for, we have created above 25 websites using MODX CMS. It is not as popular as other CMS such as wordpress, joomla but definitely as strong as any other CMS. It uses Ext Js for creating backend UI, looks very clean and elegant.

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MODX is a content application platform that offers some nice unique features. It is not as popular as options like WordPress or Joomla, but this can be one of the reasons to choose it. The problem that people have when they first begin with this blog or website platform is finding out how everything works. It can be time consuming and involves a steep learning curve. Even those users who are already familiar with MODX can feel a bit put off with setting things up. This is where we come in. Square One Web Solutions will be able to provide you with the MODX development services that you require.

One of the most important things that a MODX Development Company can do for you is arranging theme integration. This will make sure that you end up creating the type of impression that you are aiming to. It is common for people to get this area of website development wrong, but with our help you will be sure to end up with something that works. Our team has plenty of experience in our and we will be able to find a solution no matter what your needs.

The other thing that we will be able to help you with is MODX module development and plugin development. Again the goal here will be getting things right for your needs. The mistake that many people make here is to not get the most out of what is available or they complicate things so much that it begins to negatively impact their website. We will make sure that you with the right level of modules and plugins.

Getting things the way you like them means that you are well on your way to a successful website. The problem is that difficulties can arise over time, and this is why you are also likely to benefit from our website maintenance service.

You can rely on us to be your MODX professional partner.

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I hired Square One Web Solutions to convert my existing website in modx platform to transfer in WordPress Platform. Their programmers did a great job and took the functionality of the site exactly where it needed to be. They showed us the power of wordpress technology and provided guidance throughout the lifecycle of the project and always ready to support. I would definitely recommend and plan on using Square One Web Solutions team again on our next project. - Steven Deam, USA