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We have been using WordPress CMS for more then 6 years from now having 100+ websites build using this open-source. It is very famouly known for blog creation but now it has been more matured and complex websites are made using wordpress as a technology.

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Wordpress is currently the most popular blogging platform because it offers so many options and capabilities. There are many ways to customise this platform in order to create something effective and unique. The problem for many people is that this involves a good deal of work and a steep learning curve. This is where Square One Web Solutions come in because we can do all of this work on your behalf. Our service means that you will end up with something that is exactly to your needs without you having to spend a great deal of time trying to get to grips with the platform.

One of the key elements to a successful blog or website is having the right theme. If your website is going to be a carbon copy of what many other people are offering then this is not going to make it very appealing. Our Wordpress Theme Development means that you end up with something that will help put your personal stamp on the internet. Selecting the right Custom Wordpress Themes can be a real headache for new users of Wordpress who are serious about getting it right.

The next challenge that new bloggers will face is choosing the right plugins. These are the tools that add increased functionality to your basic theme. Choosing the right plugins involves knowing what is available and understanding your own requirements. Our plugin development service means that you end up with exactly what you need.

Once you have the basics right then the next task is blog development and/or website development. Some people will want a blog that is just part of their websites while for other people their blog will be their website. No matter which of these options you choose we will be able to set things up to run smoothly. Getting these initial basics right is similar to creating a solid foundation for a building.

If you are interested in adding eCommnerce features to your Wordpress we can also assist you with Wordpress Shopping Cart features as well.

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I hired Square One Web Solutions to convert my existing website in modx platform to transfer in WordPress Platform. Their programmers did a great job and took the functionality of the site exactly where it needed to be. They showed us the power of wordpress technology and provided guidance throughout the lifecycle of the project and always ready to support. I would definitely recommend and plan on using Square One Web Solutions team again on our next project. - Steven Deam, USA